VisionX is looking for speakers who will inspire the construction industry with the innovation and tools required for building construction businesses in 2020 and beyond. From job site technologies to IoT solutions to cyber security, construction professionals are already making tremendous strides into the future and we want individuals willing to share and teach what they know to help them get there.

Use the information below to learn more about the topics we are looking for, and to submit your application to share your expertise.

VisionX will feature one keynote address with six separate 90-minute break-out sessions taking place three at a time. We are currently accepting speaker applications for the topics listed below.

  • BIM or 3D Modeling

  • HR Technologies

  • Safety Technologies

  • IoT, Cloud or Cyber Security

  • Virtual Reality in Construction

  • Aerial or Drone Technologies

  • Construction-Related Mobile Apps

  • Job Site Technologies (Layout, Tool Tracking, Concrete Monitoring, etc.)

  • Construction Video Solutions

  • Futurist or Futurist Technologies

  • Data in the Construction Industry


Presentations should be free of specific sales pitches and focused on education.

Featured Speakers 

VisionX Speaker Application


Have you presented this topic in the past?

If yes, approximately how many times?

Can you commit to speaking on November 11th, 2020, if notified by July 17th, 2020?

Are you requesting compensation for your presentation?

If you are requesting compensation, what is your speaking fee? - Each break-out session is 90 minutes in length.

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